About Us

Who We Are

We made it our mission to find and sell only the purest CBD products on the market.

When we first decided to give CBD a try, we had a ton of questions: What is CBD? Is it as great as people say? There are so many products on the market… how do we know what’s good? To answer these questions, we started doing research, not only on CBD itself, but also the market. We read handfuls of articles and tried dozens of products, and after years of painstaking investigation, we discovered that some products were good, but many weren’t all that great. After running tests, we found that many products contained inaccurate potency numbers and were often littered with heavy metals or pesticides.

When we decided to open Zelm Labs, we established one thing off the bat: We will never cut corners. We made it our mission to sell only the best CBD products on the market so our customers could feel confident knowing they were getting the purest products out there.

Quality Matters

Caring deeply about natural and holistic health, we understand that what you put in your body matters. Quality matters. Purity matters. Potency MATTERS. So we searched high and low to find the best raw materials to go in our bottles. We traveled to numerous hemp farms before we found one that met our high expectations. All our products are made in a facility that has a highly-coveted GMP Certificate of Conformance for Hemp so you can have confidence that what you purchase meets the highest standards in the industry – we offer only the purest quality ingredients at the best prices.

All Zelm Labs products are developed and manufactured in the U.S.A. in a state-of-the-art, family-owned manufacturing facility. Everything we sell is formulated and produced by an in-house team of experts who are as passionate about CBD as we are. To top it off, all our products go through rigorous third-parting testing and in-house potency testing before they ever hit the market.

Our Goal

Our goal is to educate people on how CBD can improve their lives, so we’ve taken the time to create research-based blog articles, easy-to-read labels, and product pages that provide full ingredient lists, suggested use, and product descriptions. We’re taking the guess work out of CBD so you can have the easiest shopping experience possible.

You may realize your body responds better to Full Spectrum CBD compared to Isolate, the 10 mg softgel compared to the 25. Because everyone processes supplements, vitamins, even proteins differently, the ideal CBD potency, type, and product are going to be different for everyone. That’s why we’ve gone ABOVE and BEYOND to offer a huge variety of products to fit your needs. 

We’re confident in the healing powers of CBD, and we’re beyond excited to partner with you on your journey to health!