CBD for Wellness

Finding a healthy balance in life seems to be more challenging as time goes on. Simple things that were once considered ‘normal,’ such as getting fresh air, connecting with nature or drinking water, are now afterthoughts for some. With processed foods, excessive technology, and office jobs, living a healthy and balanced life takes more effort than ever before.

Every time you turn around, there’s a new health craze to help you get back on track, but with all the natural supplements and treatments out there, where in the world do you start? What ones are worth the money? What ones really work? If you’re looking to create 

balance and promote long-lasting health, you’ll probably need to create a game plan. The process of eating right, staying active, and supporting your system may take some time to perfect, but don’t fret! We’re about to show you some key items that may help to improve your health quicker than you can say ‘namaste.’ Learning how to eat right, be active, and incorporate healthy compounds like vitamins and CBD will give you the energy to live life to its fullest.

What is CBD

Before we dive into some recommended lifestyle changes, first let’s talk about what CBD is and why we’re suggesting it as a component for daily wellness. If you’ve been glancing through articles or websites, you’ve probably seen a wide array of CBD products on the market. It’s easy to see CBD as nothing more than a buzzword that will phase out faster than the kale trend if you don’t understand the history or the benefits associated.

CBD (short for cannabinoids) is found in every plant and living creature in some way, shape, or form, but most CBD that’s on the market has been extracted from hemp. Why is hemp the go-to plant? Because it’s loaded with CBD! From its roots to its stems, hemp is oozing with cannabinoids, and since it’s legal to grow and harvest in every state, hemp continues to be the number one source for CBD.

To help clear up some confusion before we get too deep into this, you may notice that the terms ‘hemp,’ ‘marijuana,’ and ‘cannabis’ are often used interchangeably when referring to CBD. Cannabis is the plant species, and hemp and marijuana are the different varieties. The biggest difference between hemp and marijuana is the CBD-to-THC ratio. Hemp has high CBD and low THC while marijuana has low CBD and high THC. Although most people believe our ancestors used hemp more often than marijuana, we’re going to simply use the term ‘cannabis’ when we discuss CBD history as that’s what was recorded on historical documents.

History of CBD for Wellness

Cannabis has been a world-wide medicinal staple for thousands of years. Dating back to 2737 BC, Chinese documents explain how cannabis was often used as medicine. Emperor Shen-Nung used to seep the flowers, leaves, and seeds of the cannabis plant to develop topical oils and teas for pain relief. In the second century, there’s evidence that cannabis was also used as an anesthetic to help patients endure medical procedures.

Around the 1830s, Irish doctor Sir Willian Brooke O’Shaughnessy discovered a connection between cannabis extracts and relief from stomach pain, and by the end of the 1800s, cannabis extracts were sold in pharmacies throughout Europe and the US.

Even the Romans have a long history of cannabis use. In 77 AD, a man by the name of Pliny the Elder documented how beneficial hemp was for extracting insects from ears and for general pain relief. Around the same era, Pedanius Dioscorides wrote a pharmacopeia where he listed all the medical benefits of hemp, including relief from ear pain, stomach-related issues, and burns. By 200 AD, Galen seconded hemp’s ability to relieve pain.

CBD Impact on Wellness

With so much history supporting cannabis use for medicinal purposes, the idea of using it as a wellness supplement has become widely accepted among Americans. Those who are taking CBD have claimed it has helped with numerous conditions, including:

Many senior citizens are adding CBD to their daily regime to help them reduce the need for so many medications.

Shamans across the country are treating high numbers of retirees who are suffering from fibromyalgia, arthritis, Parkinson’s disease, and overall pain. And because many have experienced tremendous results, repeat customers are on the rise.

If you find yourself needing help with any of the symptoms above, start taking notes, because we’re about to lay out some great health tips to get you on the road to improved wellness.

Stretching + CBD for Morning Wellness

Your morning schedule will set the tone for the rest of the day, so make sure you’re setting aside enough time to prep your body and mind for what the day holds. Using an invigorating face wash infused with CBD may not only soothe baggy eyes, but it can also protect your skin from any free radical damage you might encounter. Top it off with lightweight CBD face oil, and your beauty routine is complete.

If you woke up feeling lethargic, sore, and maybe even inflamed, you can invigorate your muscles by using a CBD-infused muscle cream or topical oil. Inflammation is a sign your body is under duress; it is your body’s way of protecting itself against harm. Acute inflammation happens when you injure yourself, like when you pull a muscle or tweak your back. When an injury occurs, your immune system unleashes an army of white blood cells to surround and protect the area, creating visible swelling and redness. Without this response, injuries could get worse and infections could become deadly. Chronic inflammation often arises when there are unwanted substances in the body such as toxins from cigarette smoke or an overabundance of fat cells. This inflammation is often inside arteries and organs and can take years to treat.

CBD has been shown to support our endocannabinoid system (ECS), which is a complex internal system that plays a role in regulating inflammation. Although more research is needed to understand exactly how CBD impacts the ECS, the studies that have been done show that CBD strengthens the ECS and allows the ECS to do what it does best: keep the body in homeostasis. When pain or infection enters the body, the ECS sounds the alarm and puts the brain and organs on high alert. That way, the body is ready to fight whatever is infiltrating it. Strengthening the ECS with CBD may help the body fight pain and infection more efficiently, thus keeping inflammation low.

Once CBD has been applied to your muscles and joints, the next item on the agenda is a thoughtful, deep stretch. There are numerous benefits of stretching, even for those who don’t work out vigorously. Stretching doesn’t just elongate the muscles to improve flexibility but it also strengthens them as well. It increases blood and nutrient supply to muscles and tendons, taking all the goodness of CBD and spreading it throughout your system. The reason stretching is so perfect for mornings is because it improves posture, boosts energy, and can even create a more peaceful mindset.

Clean Eating + CBD for Afternoon Wellness

Lunchtime hits and you have a decision to make: do you pick up fast food, or whip up a salad using produce from your garden? Most Americans would choose Option 1 and it’s one of the reasons there is a huge health crisis in our country. Most fast food is high in sodium, trans fat, saturated fat, and cholesterol. If a fast-food lunch is part of your normal routine, you’ll have a much higher chance of developing serious health issues in the future such as obesity, high blood pressure, depleted nutrients, and heart disease. There’s also a good chance you’re not washing that burger down with water or unsweetened iced tea; you’re probably going to order a soda, which is only contributing to the problem. Sugary drinks are directly linked to health gain, diabetes, and energy depletion. Plus drinking soda could cause you to eat more, seriously! One study showed that people who drank soda regularly consumed 17% more calories than they would have if they were drinking water instead.

When you ditch the junk and choose healthier food options, not only does it keep your caloric intake low, it also provides your body with the proper nutrients to fight sickness and disease faster. Choose to fill up on fresh fruits, veggies, lean meats, and plenty of water so you can enjoy the benefits of improved health and wellness.

After lunch, pop a piece of CBD-infused gum or maybe a CBD-infused mint to freshen breath and give your brain a small dose of calm before heading back to work. Because CBD is known to interact with a network of receptors, proteins, and chemicals in the brain, it may play a key role in fighting anxiety. CBD may also have a positive impact on your serotonin. A found link between CBD and serotonin may make CBD one of the best compounds to encourage a balanced state of mind.

Meditating + CBD for Evening Wellness

Evenings are the best time to release the built-up stress from the day and finally unwind. There’s no better way to channel your inner Zen than with a deep meditation session. Your brain has more power over your health than you would ever give it credit for, so when the mind focuses on negative thoughts like worrying about your job or stressing over finances, it creates a panic response in the brain that can keep you from the deep sleep you crave.

You can reduce your anxiety is by meditating right before bed. There are a few different ways to clear your mind and reduce your stress. First, you can observe meditation through yoga. Many yoga classes focus so much on breathing and relaxation, you won’t even have time to think about anything else! Another thing you could try is mindfulness. Mindfulness is a form of meditation where a teacher or a speaker provides calm visualizations for you to focus on. Mindfulness is great for those who prefer to unwind by visualizing yourself walking on warm sand towards the cool, blue ocean. Or if you’re a meditation master, you can go the traditional route by completely turning off your mind and letting nothingness restore your soul.

Whatever meditation method you choose, taking a CBD softgel, gummy, or some oil before meditating can guide you into deeper meditation. By ending your day with a more peaceful state of mind, your brain can then release endorphins, a natural pain reliever, to help eliminate your physical and emotional pain so you can have a more restful evening. Enjoying a good night’s sleep means your body and brain can repair, reset, and will be ready for whatever the next day has in store.