Four Types of CBD

Oh, the world of CBD… so may terms, so many definitions, so many questions, and so much confusion. Descriptions of CBD products can perplex even the brightest minds, making CBD shopping unnecessarily overwhelming.

To relieve some of the pressure from you, we did the research and put together an overview of the types of CBD available so you can better understand the market.

While reviewing CBD products and labels, you will most likely come across one of these terms: Full Spectrum Extract, Full Spectrum Oil, Broad Spectrum Oil, and Isolate. These four types of CBD differ in potency, smell, consistency, taste, and color. Depending on the product, one might prefer to use one CBD type over another. The type of CBD is determined by how its extracted from the hemp plant.

Type of CBD: Full Spectrum Extract

Once the cannabis plant is harvested, it goes through a process to extract CBD from the leaves, roots, and buds. Our CBD providers use a CO2 extraction method that uses pressurized carbon dioxide to pull out the desired compounds from the plant. Full spectrum extract CBD, also referred to as full extract or crude, is what you get the first time you extract. Although the concentration of CBD is usually the lowest in full spectrum extract (around 65%), the amounts of other compounds and terpenes are higher. Crude is awesome for creams and hair products as it provides a rich, oily texture that soothes skin and nourishes hair.

Type of CBD: Full Spectrum Oil

This oil is the result of a second CO2 extraction method that removes most of the THC found in cannabis, leaving only 0.3% THC, which is under the legal limit. The concentration of CBD in full spectrum oil is usually around 80%. Full spectrum CBD is ideal for edibles, oils, and skincare as it creates an entourage effect, meaning that by keeping some of the other beneficial compounds from cannabis intact, the CBD oil has a stronger impact than it would if only one compound (such as only CBD) was present.

Type of CBD: Broad Spectrum Oil

After going through an additional CO2 extraction method, the oil becomes completely THC free. The concentration of CBD in broad spectrum oil is high (around 85%) while other compounds and terpenes are very minimal. Broad spectrum CBD is great for those who want a high-quality oil with zero percent THC.

Type of CBD: Isolate

Isolate is produced with a different extraction process than the rest. The extracted oil goes through a winterization process that removes all waxes, compounds, and terpenes. The finished product comes out in powder form and is usually around 99.8% CBD, making isolate completely THC free with no remaining compounds or terpenes. CBD Isolate is ideal for gum, mints, gummies, and pet products since it’s extremely difficult to make products like those with an oily base.

What CBD Type is Best

When it comes to the types of CBD, you really can’t go wrong, but if you are looking to get the highest potential of healing, buy products with full spectrum oil whenever possible. Taking CBD that contains terpenes, a small amount of THC, and a handful of other compounds provides a deeper and more well-rounded effect. Although the amount of THC found in CBD is not enough to give psychoactive effects, CBD products especially containing full spectrum extract or full spectrum oil may not be legal in your state. Before ordering products from Zelm Labs, review your state’s CBD laws to ensure the products you’re purchasing are legal in your area.