CBD Dog Treats

CBD for Pets

Pet CBD Oil

The Benefits.

CBD is not only important for humans, but also for other mammals, such as dogs & Cats. The anti-inflammatory properties that CBD may bring to pets in particular may help dogs & cats that are struggling to walk or move around due to arthritis. Other benefits may include anti-anxiety, anti-nausea and cardiac benefits.

Why Treats?

Zelm Labs creates a propriety CBD treat formula for a fun easy way for your pet to take CBD. Toss a delicious CBD infused pet treat and watch your furry friend jump for joy.

Calming CBD Pet Treats Stress and Anxiety
Hip and Joint CBD Pet Treats Mobility

Will CBD Pet Treats Help My Dog?

Studies and our own customers have shown that CBD dog treats frequently decrease pain and increase calmness in pets. Stress can be a major concern for dogs and our propriety CBD formula has show to help relieve dog stress and also help alleviate pain from arthritis and inflammation.