Is CBD and CBD Oil Legal In Wisconsin?

Yes! CBD adhering to regulations is legal in all 50 states! Under the 2018 Agricultural Improvement Act, hemp-based CBD is legal on a federal level and includes the legalization of CBD oil and other products in Wisconsin. 

Now that Wisconsinites can participate in the benefits of CBD, it’s important to be informed on CBD, the potential benefits, and product types. At Zelm Labs, we make it our mission to educate consumers about CBD and provide high-quality CBD products.

Buying CBD Oil in Wisconsin

One of the keys to buying CBD oil and other products is reading the label. Some brands don’t contain the amount of hemp they say they do. Others may use fillers that may compromise the purity and health of the products.

There are three classifications of CBD: full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and isolate. Most users find that full-spectrum is the most effective of the three. Because full-spectrum contains other compounds from the hemp plant, users may find that benefits are enhanced. CBD isolate contains pure CBD, and broad-spectrum CBD falls in the middle.

It’s important to purchase your CBD from a retailer you can trust. You deserve transparency and quality in your CBD experience. 

At Zelm Labs, we believe that trustworthiness is vital to CBD retail. We take the guesswork out of CBD. Our products contain only the purest CBD and endure thorough testing before ever reaching the market.

As an online retailer, we deliver CBD right to your doorstep, making the process easy on you. We also offer various products for you to choose from, including CBD oil, gummies, breath mints, muscle pain cream, facial moisturizer, and more. We also allow you to select many different aspects of your product, from CBD oil flavor to potency and even subscription options.

With Zelm Labs, you have complete control over your CBD experience. For more information and a selection of products, visit!

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