Is CBD Legal in New York?

CBD lubricant

The state of New York passed Assembly Bill 6357 in July 2014 to legalize the use of CBD for medical purposes. If an individual meets the approved conditions by law, they may be legally entitled to possess and use up to a 30-day supply of CBD products. Also, becoming increasingly popular is CBD lubricant.

Why CBD?

Zelm Labs CBD oil products provide a wide range of high-quality CBD remedies. All of which exceed the requirements and are required in a GMP Certificate of Conformance for Hemp facility. Preparing, processing, and curating these products are done in a safe and sanitary environment. Zelm Labs sources their products are made in-house and thoroughly tested at every level. Providing exceptional value for all products. Including vegan CBD edibles, CBD infused mints, tinctures, CBD lubricant, and muscle pain cream.

The Advantages of CBD Products

At Zelm labs, CBD products offer many complementary benefits for a wide range of conditions and chronic ailments. There are significant benefits to using CBD products. Which may alleviate the effects of and symptoms associated with depression, lack of sleep, anxiety, and chronic pain. There is also CBD for pleasure, like CBD lubricant.

CBD tinctures and soft gels are convenient and easy to use. While vegan gummies and CBD infused mints offer an alternative that is discreet and easy for daily use. For topical application, muscle pain cream and face oil are available. And various other personal use products. CBD lubricant can be used in the bedroom to ease friction

The body is regulated by the ECS (endocannabinoid system). The ECS regulates many processes, including organ function, nutrient balance, and overall well-being. CBD may offer support to the ECS, improving appetite and digestion, memory and cognitive processes, elevating mood, and reducing stress. Other benefits that may be noted include support for liver and nerve function, clear skin and hair, and cardiovascular system improvements.

A Wide Range of Product Options

CBD potency ranges in various products from isolate to broad-spectrum and full-spectrum. Full-spectrum products offer the most potency. Zelm Labs Remedies offers skin products, deep facial cleansers, and serums, in addition to CBD infused mints, soft gel tablets, and CBD vegan gummies. All CBD products manufactured at Zelm Labs Remedies are free of herbicides and pesticides. GMO-free, U.S. grown plants and ingredients are featured in all CBD products.

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