Is CBD Legal in Ohio?

vegan CBD edibles

In the state of Ohio, CBD was legalized in 2016 for medicinal use. House Bill 523 was passed and allowed individuals with approved medical conditions to possess up to 90 days (or approximately three months) worth of supply. A very common product being CBD Vegan edibles.

Zelm Labs Remedies offers a wide range of approved products that contain high-quality CBD labs oil. These include CBD infused mints, vegan CBD edibles and gummies, and topical muscle pain cream.

How Legalization Improves Support for CBD Products – Vegan CBD edibles

Since CBD was legalized for medical purposes in Ohio, many individuals who regularly use CBD products have found greater support and access to various products. At Zelm Labs Remedies, we offer a wide range of CBD products with potency levels ranging from full-spectrum to isolate. CBD may help with various chronic conditions and ailments, including anxiety, lack of sleep, inflammation, and depression. Muscle pain cream with CBD may offer relief from chronic muscle and joint pain resulting from autoimmune diseases.

CBD Helps the Endocannabinoid (ECS) System

Everyone has an ECS or endocannabinoid system that helps regulate the body’s functions and balance, whether or not CBD is used. When your health is unbalanced, this results in increased pain, inflammation, mood swings, and not getting the sleep you need. CBD may support the body’s ECS so that a balance is achieved and symptoms of chronic illnesses may be relieved.

The Advantages of High-quality CBD Products

At Zelm Labs, we provide the highest quality CBD products from sourcing reputable, local farmers to in-depth testing and certification to ensure the best results. From muscle pain cream to CBD ointments and edibles, each product is tracked from start to finish. All CBD products are GMO-free and meet the criteria for the Certificate of Conformance for Hemp.


Zelm Labs provides only the highest-grade CBD to ensure the best purity, potency, and satisfaction for all products.


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