Is Certified CBD Legal in Arkansas?

Is Certified CBD Legal in Arkansas?

Yes! In fact, certified CBD products are legal in all 50 states. The demand for CBD products is rising fast with the growing awareness of their potential health benefits. CBD extracts such as CBD infused mints, oils, gummies, and muscle pain cream may help manage conditions like anxiety, depression, and inflammation.

All states have legalized CBD products, including Arkansas. CBD products are legal in Arkansas under approved conditions. In 2019 Arkansas passed legislation that removed hemp-derived products from the state list of controlled substances, making certified CBD products readily available.

You can buy these products from a reputable retailer like Zelm. Certified CBD products from Zelm may offer relief from sleep problems, acne, and inflammation.

Well Tracked Products

Zelm tracks its products from the farmers to the final stage. When you buy muscle pain cream, CBD oils, infused mints, or gummies from us, you get quality and original products.

Certificate of Analysis (COA) Certified

COA certification is a document issued by quality assurance confirming regulated products meet required specifications. It shows the ingredients and quantity of CBD in a product, and every accredited retailer, like Zelm, should sell COA-certified products.

All our products are third-party tested for safety and quality. 

High-quality Certifed CBD Products

Zelm offers a wide variety of products and flavors to choose from. And, as a consumer, you have the confidence that you are buying high-quality products. At Zelm, we ensure only the best quality CBD products get to you. Order your products today by clicking here!

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