CBD Benefits

How CBD can help with muscle pain

Muscle aches and pains can be a real bother. Interrupting your daily activities, making it challenging to finish simple chores, and even keeping you from physical activities. Thankfully, relief can be found in a variety of CBD products from Zelm Labs.

Here are a few ways CBD products can help obliterate muscle pain and let you get on with your day:

Oils, Salves and Creams

Even the greatest athletes in the world contend with muscle aches and soreness. You may have heard of pain relieving products that you can rub on the site of the problem, reducing the aching temporarily. Thankfully, there are now products infused with CBD. They have the same function when rubbed on the muscle-pained area. We have pain-relieving solutions that are all-natural and won’t break the bank. Or become addictive like prescription pain pills.

Pills, Gummies and Tinctures

Opioid medication can be hazardous and addictive, claiming millions of innocent lives each year. Save yourself from that risk and check out a natural solution instead, like a CBD product. Zelm Labs has high-quality, easy-to-use products designed to relieve pain and help you feel your best. There are no side effects when using CBD products, and there are a variety of products to choose from, depending on your personal needs.

Natural vs. Prescription Solutions

With the out of control costs of health-care in the United States, many people are frequently turning to natural solutions for their health ailments. Millions of people deal with muscle pain everyday, and many have found that CBD products from Zelm Labs help them feel better everyday. Prescription medication, although sometimes necessary, poses risks that cannot be overlooked. Addictions, side effects, and the high cost of prescription medication can become an issue for many people suffering with pain in their daily lives. CBD products give people a natural, safe solution for muscle pain that doesn’t break the bank.


There are many solutions for muscle pain, and Zelm Labs cares about your well-being. Check out our CBD products today for natural, risk-free solutions for your aches and pains.

How CBD Products Help Us Relax

CBD Benefits


It is a fast world that we live in, and without realizing it, we might get stressed out and burned out with the daily routines. In such instances, you need a quick relief that will have long time benefits of keeping your mind to rest. One such product that is sure to bring you that elusive calm and relaxation is CBD, and it has been infused into a variety of products you can find at Zelm Labs at really great prices.

Most people who suffer from anxiety have many good things to say about products with CBD benefits, as it helps them get through the day better.

Battling Chronic Insomnia

Is there anything worse than insomnia?

The annoying feeling of being tired and wanting to sleep but being unable to, tossing in bed until morning hours and waking up tired and irritable?

Thankfully, one of the leading CBD benefits is putting you to sleep very fast and staying asleep till morning. You will be asleep as soon as your head hits that pillow because it calms your nerves and muscles and puts your mind to rest. You will wake up feeling very refreshed and with enough energy to face the day.

Relieving Pain

If you work out, you might develop some sore muscles after a, particularly intense workout. Besides that, running up and down as you do your work around the house and in the office may leave all worn out and achy. CBD oils, when massaged into the body, quickly get infused into the body to relieve you of muscle, joint, and general body aches.

CBD benefits do not stop here. Do you know how much money is spent on cosmetic products every year? It is a considerable sum! Yet CBD products can provide fast relief to skin problems such as acne, and leave you with brighter skin.

Personal Lubricants

Is your sexual life suffering a dent because of dryness and stress-related dysfunctions? CBD infused lubricants will address that and revive your sexual life. The lubricant has been packaged into a small attractive bottle that you can carry with you everywhere at your convenience!

Certified CBD

Why It’s Important to be COA Certified

CBD Certified

The CBD industry is not FDA-regulated.

There is an emergence of CBD produces seeping the market. And it can be overwhelming for you to set apart genuine products from fakes. Further, not all CBD products are not the same same, even though derived from hemp and others from cannabis. So, how can you know if you are buying a quality product?

You must know a product’s potency levels, purity, and potentially harmful contaminants. This is where a Certificate of Analysis (COA) comes into your equation. Reliable and law-abiding manufacturers of CBD products use this certification to instill confidence about their products among customers.

A Certificate of Analysis is a document issued by a third-party lab confirming that a CBD manufacturer’s products meet set requirements. Every product from a certified CBD manufacturer must document the certification number listed on the package.

Buyer Beware

If a CBD product company does not have COA certification or does not provide lab results upon request, this is clear evidence of low-quality products. You can find all test results of Zelm Labs’ products on our website. We also regularly update them so that the most current results can easily be seen. This assures that we only produce certified CBD products. 

Why are Test Results Important?

Manufacturers need to understand their formulation to help develop transparent products that have been tested by credible labs. You become empowered when you know the potency, quality, and level of contaminants in a plant relied upon in production. All the cannabinoids in our products are listed, which is why we are confident about our full-spectrum certified CBD products.

Zelm Lab products show the concentration of CBD in milligrams per gram. It helps establish the exact levels of cannabinoids. You also get to learn of other compounds contained in our products which can be of benefit such as terpenes.

Contact Zelm Labs today if you have any questions about our products. We will be happy to provide all the answers and share our COAs.

The Hype: CBD Products and Their Benefits

CBD products

CBD Products and Benefits

The popularity of CBD products and their benefits among consumers has been at an all-time high in the last few years. CBD is a safe and legal alternative to using the cannabis plant due to its many health benefits. You, too, can purchase CBD products, including gummies for pain relief, anxiety, and inflammation, among others.

We now look at the benefits of using CBD products:

Alleviates Depression and Anxiety

The World Health Organization estimates that depression affects over 300 million people around the world. A large percentage of these people also suffer from anxiety. These two mental disorders can lower the quality of your life. CBD products can help reduce the symptoms of anxiety and depression to help live a fulfilled life.

Reduces Pain

Chronic pain can make your life miserable. The situation is made worse if you are using pain medication that has low potency levels. CBD is known to provide adequate relief against neuropathic, multiple sclerosis, and arthritic pain.

Prevent Diabetes

CBD helps prevent insulitis, which is a condition that destroys the beta cells in the pancreases. This makes you vulnerable to Type I diabetes. If you are already battling the disease, CBD products help lower the side effects of diabetes, including neuroinflammation and memory loss.

Reduces Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is a leading cause of strokes, cardiovascular diseases, and heart attacks. Regular use of CBD helps lower blood pressure and, consequently, your risk of suffering from those conditions.

Fights Insomnia

Do you find it difficult to fall asleep? If yes, CBD products are the solution to your problem. These products help reduce anxiety and fears that make you stay awake all night.

Eliminates and prevents acne

CBD has anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce the secretion of sebum by the skin. When your skin releases excess amounts of sebum, acne can cause acne on the skin surface, making your skin have blackheads and pimples. CBD helps fight against this and in making your skin achieve a fast recovery if already affected.

Visit Zelm Labs today for your daily dose of good living.

Shop CBD: Why CBD Products are important


Lately, CBD products are growing in popularity due to their potential to alleviate numerous medical conditions that have proved hard to manage using conventional medicine. Experts have carried countless clinical studies on CBD’s, which have pointed out that CBD has numerous health benefits compared to traditional medication and prescription drugs. However, even with the potential benefits of using CBD products, many people do not know of these benefits and rely on negative stereotypes placed on CBD to govern their decision to use cannabidiol.

Below, we look at why you should shop for CBD products:

Treating anxiety

Anxiety is a condition where the brain becomes overwhelmed. Cannabidiols have calming properties which provide an excellent solution to managing stress all day. Researchers exploring CBD’s benefits suggest that it may alter how the brain responds to serotonin, a chemical related to mental health.

Some of the products available at Zelm Labs that can help relieve anxiety include:

  • CBD gummies
  • CBD oil
  • CBD Softgels

Pain relief

Cannabidiols have the potential of relieving pain due to inflamed joints and muscle ache since they contain anti-inflammatory properties. There are excellent products at Zelm Labs that can be useful in pain relief, including:

  • CBD pain-relief roll-On
  • CBD oil
  • CBD muscle pain cream

Helps with skincare

CBD products can also be essential in skincare routines as it is known to reduce inflammation, redness, and acne. Studies show that cannabidiol can be crucial in counteracting free radicals that lead to dull skin, puffiness, and fine lines.

At Zelm Labs, you will find excellent CBD products that will help you maintain healthy skin. Our beauty care range of products include:

  • Hydrating facial cleanser
  • Vegan face moisturizer
  • CBD face oil
  • Vegan eye cream

The properties contained in CBD properties can promote healthy living and boost your overall wellbeing. The importance of CBD products is backed by science, and this will go a long way in changing the negative perception usually associated with them. Our CBD products contain natural extracts and provide significant and lasting results that have no side effects. Zelm Labs is your trusted provider of quality CBD products. Shop CBD products today!

CBD Products

What does “isolate” CBD Products Mean?

What Does “Isolate” CBD Products Mean?

Over the past few years, CBD products have gained significant popularity. In 2020, the estimated worth of cannabidiols is approximately $20 billion, and it’s estimated to be $22 billion by 2024. This is because people have turned to hemp-based treatments for depressions, bone and muscle pain, insomnia, skincare, and anxiety.

CBD Isolate is one of the inexpensive and more predominant forms of cannabidiol, and cannabis fanatics use these products for their immense benefits.

So, What Is Isolate CBD Products?

The CBD isolate is a chemical product that contains 99% pure CBD. The crystalline is available in the form of powder or solid. In other words, isolate CBD is the purest form of cannabis.

The extraction process eliminates all active elements from the cannabis plant. The refinement process removes all THC and other phytocannabinoids compounds, leaving behind the purest CBD compound.

Benefits of Isolate CBD 

The isolate might not be appealing like other well-packaged CBD products, but it offers a myriad of benefits. They include;

  • Easier Dosing

CBD isolate dosages are incredibly easy to measure. This is different from other CBD products such as full or broad-spectrum CBD oil, which you have to mix with other ingredients. This makes it difficult to quantify the amount consumed. As a result, it might lead to overdose or underdose, failing to be effective as required.

  • Different Modes of Consumption

Besides being easy to measure, the crystalline powder can be consumed in different ways. The CBD isolate can be mixed with drinks and foods or get administered sublingually.


THC is a primary component of the cannabis plant, associated with the “high” feeling. The compound functions by mimicking 2-AG and anandamide neurotransmitters, which helps in modulating sleep, eating habits, and other bodily functions. However, THC may lead to memory loss, dry mouth, anxiety, among other effects.

But with Isolate CBD, you’ll have nothing to worry about THC entering your system.

Get Reliable Products

At Zelm Labs, we offer tested and tried CBD products for maximum efficacy. We strive to ensure our clients take the purest CBD forms out there. We take pride in competitive prices without compromising the quality.

CBD Products

What does “Broad Spectrum” CBD Products Mean?

A Growing Cannabis Products Market

There has been significant growth in the worldwide cannabis market. This growth can be attributed to the benefits that cannabis has been proven to confer, particularly in the health and wellness areas. It is projected that by 2024, the cannabis market will have leaped upwards to about $45 billion. Interestingly, these items have become increasingly popular. In particular, broad-spectrum CBD products have been embraced rapidly.

What does Broad Spectrum CBD Products Mean?

Broad Spectrum CBD is an amalgam between the two most common CBD product types. These being the full spectrum and the cannabidiol isolates. Full-spectrum CBD products are created from a complete profile extraction of all the beneficial components found in a cannabis plant. This is why the full-spectrum CBD is also referred to as the whole plant CBD. Isolates, on the other hand, refers to a CBD type or component that has been isolated from all the other compounds in a CBD plant. Broad-spectrum elements have some part of each of the two, but it does not contain any tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) -the component responsible for the high effect.

How are Broad Spectrum CBD Products made?

For high-quality, broad-spectrum CBD products such as those available at Zelm Lab, a CBD isolate is selected. Then, other essential and beneficial components and cannabinoids are then added. Examples of cannabinoids added to the isolate include terpenes and flavonoids. THC is excluded from this combination. Broad-spectrum CBD products can also be prepared through a process where THC is removed from a full-spectrum CBD extract.

Why You should use Broad-Spectrum Products

Broad Spectrum products contain all the benefits of full-spectrum and isolates but without the effects of THC. Broad-Spectrum products have also been shown to create a desirable relaxation and entourage effect. In some states, THC testing among employees is not uncommon. If you do not want any THC traces in your body, especially when anticipating a drug test, broad-spectrum items are preferable. If you are concerned about the impact of THC, then broad-spectrum products are your best choice. At Zelm Labs, we stock high-quality, broad-spectrum CBD products that confer invaluable benefits.

CBD Products

What does “Full Spectrum” CBD Products Mean?


CBD Products have become a popular buzzword today. Research shows that there is a gradual embrace of cannabis products. This is based on the health benefits derived from this plant. When purchasing a product, it is common to find them labeled as CBD-isolate, broad-spectrum CBD, or full-spectrum CBD.

These terms are used to indicate the different cannabis components available in the product. In particular, full-spectrum CBD constituents have become increasingly popular. This popularity is only forecasted to increase with time. It’s due to their advantages derived from such products. At Zelm Labs, we sell high-quality full-spectrum products whose effectiveness has been countlessly proven.

What are the Full-Spectrum CBD products?

Full-spectrum CBD products are extracts that are prepared using all compounds that are naturally found in a cannabis plant. As such, full-spectrum CBD product components include cannabidiol essential oils, terpenes, flavonoids, and tetrahydrocannabinol (HTC), among other cannabinoids. Research has shown that the combination of all cannabis plant extracts confers an individual with therapeutic benefits. This has been termed as the entourage effect.

The use of full-spectrum CBD products has grown as research has established its high capacities to provide greater relief levels. Studies have continuously found that when full-spectrum components are put together, they create a quite powerful treatment. Therefore, the effects make them significantly more effective. That is compared to CBD isolates or broad-spectrum CBD products. Full-spectrum elements are beneficial in treating health conditions, such as depression, migraines, insomnia, anxiety, and muscle pain.

Who can Use Full-Spectrum CBD products?

Full-spectrum CBD products such as those sold at Zelm Lab are advised for any individual wanting the calming/relaxing effects. It will be more effective than the use of an isolate or using broad-spectrum products. THC is responsible for the high effect experienced by the use of cannabis. Therefore, you can use full-spectrum products if you live in a state where the use of cannabis is legally permissible. Lastly, if a wellness provider recommends a certain THC ration in your supplement, you should use full-spectrum. At Zelm labs, we guarantee first-class full-spectrum products to adequately meet your cannabidiol use needs.


Certified CBD

The importance of buying Certified CBD products

There Are Certified CBD Products

CBD products have seen a surge in their popularity in recent times. As a result, there is now a wide range of parties bringing a wide range of CBD products to the market.

However, those who are curious should make sure to buy certified CBD products. Such as those put out by Zelm.

Why Is It So Important to Buy Certified CBD Products?

The need for certification can seem excessive. However, there are solid reasons why this should be the case.

For starters, certification exists to state that whatever has been certified has managed to meet the expectations of the one conducting the certification. In more practical terms, it can be seen as an endorsement of excellence, which can be very useful for those who are seeking to choose from a wide range of options but have either no or next-to-no experience to serve as a guide.

After all, if people are thinking about consuming something, they should definitely make sure that it is safe. Something that becomes much easier when they have a trustworthy authority to handle such matters for them. This also goes for other consumers. Rather than attempt to run it on their own with expertise or experience that they probably don’t have.

On top of that, it should be mentioned that certified products are also products that have clear provenances. This should be another serious concern for those who want to know what they are consuming. This is for the sake of protecting and promoting their health.

Further Considerations

For more information about why certification is so important, please contact us at the earliest convenience.

We want to make sure that interested individuals have all of the information that they need to make the right consumption choices for them. This is why we are prepared to answer all of the questions directed our way.

The sooner that people are adequately informed, the sooner that they can proceed to the actual purchasing process with confidence as well as sound reasons for that confidence.

CBD lubricant: The new Trend!

Have you ever thought about CBD lube? While sexuality exists in a spectrum, frequent sexual activities have a wide array of benefits. Other than pleasure, sex is linked to physical, emotional, and overall relationship benefits.

Research also has it that regular sex helps you look younger for your age. As it turns out, CBD lubricants upgrade your sexual life. This is done by boosting your sexual heat, alleviating post-sex soreness, and excitement. It also enhances stronger orgasms and creating a sense of ease, calm, and confidence.

Why Zelm CBD Lube Products?

At Zelm, we offer you CBD lubes that will unlock a new sex level for you and your partner. We appreciate that sex pulls you closer to each other, thus creating a sense of trust and togetherness.

However, there is way much more than just getting intimate. You want to enjoy it too! And with this in mind, we offer you top-notch lubricants that will help you shake off the anxiety, get things started, and leave you and your partner satisfied.

CBD Lubes for Relaxing Sensation

Our lube products lift you off the ground and create serenity and calm during your lovemaking sessions. They expand blood vessels leading to higher blood circulation and, consequently, increased body sensations.

Grounded on research, we are equipped with a variety of premium quality lubes that dissolve tension and enhance arousal. This serenity paves the way to slightly longer sessions and a more intense climax.

Moreover, if you have been experiencing painful sex or PTSD from sexual trauma, we will arm you with top-of-the-shelf CBD lubricants that help reduce pressure on the pelvic floor or rectal tissue. This reduces the pains and discomforts that result from penetration and inflammation.

Our premium CBD lube products will boost your confidence to get things started, keep them going and crown them with a climactic finish.

Zelm CBD Lubricant is Your Go-To Lube Product for Better Lovin’

While there are many reasons for having sex, we are here to add fun to it. We pay attention to customer experience, satisfaction, and feedback.

Zelm CBD lube products are applauded for being all organic and natural, with the addition of beneficial vitamins and essential oils. Third-party lab testing confirms the absence of contaminants and verifies the amount of CBD. Our products are non-addictive, non-toxic, and no, they do not get you high.

Buy Zelm CBD lubricant today and experience the difference!