Why It’s Important to Stay on Top of Your Mental Health

Living a healthy life means more than having good physical health. It means having a balance of both mental health and physical health. It’s essential to stay on top of your mental health now more than ever—our mental health covers how we feel emotionally, psychologically, and social well-being.

The National Alliance of Mental Illness (NAMI) says that 1 in 5 people experience mental health issues each year. So that you and I understand what those numbers mean, it equals over 40 million people. NAMI claims that mental health has everything to do with how people behave, think, and feel every day.

It affects how people deal with relationships and decide how they handle stressful situations. With that said, you can now understand why it’s crucial to stay on top of your mental health.

Why Changing Your Emotional State is Important

It’s highly possible to use CBD products and change your life. Positive thinking has a way of making people more productive and healthy overall. If people change the way they think, they can change how they talk and walk. Eventually, people can be who they want to be.

Stress and toxic thoughts have adverse effects on your health, whether it’s physical or mental.

Mental and Physical Health

Just as some mental illnesses can cause stress, stress can cause physical ailments, and mood disorders can significantly affect one’s life. This, too, is why it’s essential to stay on top of your mental health and the latest CBD products.

“Worry causes the body to release stress hormones that speed up your heart rate, breathing, raise your blood sugar, and send more blood to your arms and legs. Over time, this can affect your heart, blood vessels, muscles, and other systems,” according to WebMD.

Over time, you’ll likely suffer from heart disease, along with anxiety and depression. It’s a vicious cycle for anyone having to go through it. Some people self-medicate because of it and use alcohol to deal with the struggle. There are much better and safer methods of healing that are not addicting. Zelm Labs recommends CBD products instead.

How to Calm Your Anxiety with CBD Benefits

CBD Benefits

Studies show that CBD benefits many people with anxiety, and different forms of CBD products are useful in different situations. For example, you may treat social anxiety while out in public or for your stress that strikes at bedtime.

CBD Gummies

A 2018 study showed that using CBD products resulted in a significant decrease in anxiety levels in men who were nervous about public speaking. Popping a few CBD gummies before going into a stressful situation is a discreet way to calm your anxiety. Not only does CBD give you a sense of calm, but it can also improve your mental clarity when you need to concentrate on a job.


CBD oil is a versatile product. You can either take straight from the dropper or drop into your tea while relaxing at home. Choosing a flavor you like will enhance the experience since you’ll enjoy both the taste and smell. Choose from lemonade, orange cream, mint, or naturally flavored CBD oil.

CBD Skin Care Products for Your Evening Routine

You absorb CBD through your skin. Using CBD cleansers, face moisturizers, eye creams, etc. is a great way to relax during your evening routine. CBD has been used as an acne remedy to use these products both in the morning and at night.

CBD Soft Gels for Sleep

Sometimes anxiety is worsened by a lack of sleep, and then the tension keeps you awake, resulting in a vicious cycle. Taking a slow-release soft gel before bed may help you fall asleep fast and stay asleep. One of the great things about CBD products from Zelm Labs is that you can customize the dosages to suit your individual needs.

Zelm Labs offers a variety of calming CBD products, so you can choose the ones that work best for your lifestyle. Zelm Labs offers high-quality products that we manufacture in the U.S.A. and are customizable. We test our products’ potency both in house and by a third-party lab to ensure accurate dosage.

Why buying certified CBD products is important

CBD is all the talk these days and knowing which products are safe and certified is important, especially if you are looking to try CBD for the first time.  If one thing is for sure you can trust Zelm Labs for certified CBD products!

Who sells the best certified CBD?

When it comes to the best, you cannot juggle with your life. You need to get the best CBD products in the industry, but only a few people are good.  Here is why we can tell you why you can count on our products to bring the most excellent benefits possible.

Zelm Labs deals with high quality CBD. They work with the sufficient chemical compound found on cannabis. Zelm Labs is a trustable, credible, and dependable, source for your certified CBD needs.

We use hemp plants to make our CBD products. In order to make their CBD products, ranging from oils to tinctures, Zelm Labs use a series of processes. It starts with farming. Zelm uses only the best hemp farms and manufactures all of its CBD within the U.S. After farming and extraction, samples are taken and analyzed for high quality and correct potency levels. The samples are then sent to laboratories for certification.

Zelm Labs provides the certification of analysis (COA) for all of their CBD products. It is especially important to buy CBD products that come with the COA. This analysis certifies potency levels and that you are only ingesting non-psychoactive cannabis.


Certified CBD

Why You Should Purchase COA Certified CBD Products

Once you decide to use CBD products, you may be overwhelmed by the selection. It seems like the market for CBD continues to expand, and along with that, the number of products available. With the growing popularity of this product, some brands are better than others. Fortunately, there is a way to determine if the purchasing product will live up to its claims. The best way to ensure safe and certified CBD use is a certificate of analysis

Importance of certified CBD products

A well-regarded company such as Zelm Labs will have a certificate of analysis you can review. This certificate is essential because it gives you the breakdown of exactly what is in your purchase products. Having a certificate of analysis is critical for a variety of reasons.

Like many products that contain natural ingredients, mislabeling CBD products is common. Whether through innocent error or the desire to decrease costs and increase profits, the work in the bottle may not be as high-quality as the label states. To avoid this situation, only purchase CBD products that come with a COA.

Don’t be misled by a company that says they do their testing. An independent, third-party lab performs an official COA. Completing in-house testing can provide beneficial information to the manufacturer but is not the same as sending it to a third-party lab.

What to look for in a CBD product

The COA provides a fair bit of important information to the consumer. When reviewing the paper, check that CBD’s amount is the same as the product label. If you are purchasing a CBD product that markets itself as a full or broad-spectrum, there should be various cannabinoids in the blend. Look for CBN, CBDa, CBC, and other listings, as well as CBD.

The COA is used to let the consumer know the active ingredients in what they are purchasing, but it will also state the contaminants’ level, such as heavy metals and pests. While there may be some contamination in the product, these levels should be low due to the hemp’s growing conditions.

You want a CBD product that is effective, and the best way to ensure that is to purchase from a respected vendor and ask to see the COA before making a purchase. If the company tries to dismiss your concerns or convince you that in-house testing is just as good, consider another manufacturer.

Certified CBD

Why It’s Important to be COA Certified

CBD Certified

The CBD industry is not FDA-regulated.

There is an emergence of CBD produces seeping the market. And it can be overwhelming for you to set apart genuine products from fakes. Further, not all CBD products are not the same same, even though derived from hemp and others from cannabis. So, how can you know if you are buying a quality product?

You must know a product’s potency levels, purity, and potentially harmful contaminants. This is where a Certificate of Analysis (COA) comes into your equation. Reliable and law-abiding manufacturers of CBD products use this certification to instill confidence about their products among customers.

A Certificate of Analysis is a document issued by a third-party lab confirming that a CBD manufacturer’s products meet set requirements. Every product from a certified CBD manufacturer must document the certification number listed on the package.

Buyer Beware

If a CBD product company does not have COA certification or does not provide lab results upon request, this is clear evidence of low-quality products. You can find all test results of Zelm Labs’ products on our website. We also regularly update them so that the most current results can easily be seen. This assures that we only produce certified CBD products. 

Why are Test Results Important?

Manufacturers need to understand their formulation to help develop transparent products that have been tested by credible labs. You become empowered when you know the potency, quality, and level of contaminants in a plant relied upon in production. All the cannabinoids in our products are listed, which is why we are confident about our full-spectrum certified CBD products.

Zelm Lab products show the concentration of CBD in milligrams per gram. It helps establish the exact levels of cannabinoids. You also get to learn of other compounds contained in our products which can be of benefit such as terpenes.

Contact Zelm Labs today if you have any questions about our products. We will be happy to provide all the answers and share our COAs.