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Let Premium CBD Products Help Calm Your Anxiety

Racing thoughts, pounding heart, and sweaty palms are some of the unwelcome symptoms of anxiety. According to a report by the WHO (World Health Organization), one in every thirteen individuals worldwide suffers from a specific anxiety disorder. Thus, anxiety is among the most common mental complications across the world. For those suffering from anxiety, finding a remedy can be daunting. Recently, CBD(cannabidiol) oil and CBD products have become increasingly useful in treating anxiety.

Dose-Response Studies

A 2015 Neurotherapeutics journal report says that CBD oil can help treat acute conditions such as panic disorder, social anxiety cases, and more. According to a published study in the Frontiers in Pharmacology, CBD’s anxiety-reducing impact can follow the bell-design dose-response chart. Researchers concluded that a 300mg dose of CBD lowered measures of subjective anxiety. Zelm Lab offers various CBD products that can help with anxiety. These CBD products include CBD oil, CBD gummies, CBD mints, CBD gum, and more.

How to Consume CBD Products When Treating Anxiety?

Zelm Lab offers multiple CBD ingestion methods; thus, you can choose one that suits you. They include:

Oils and Tinctures

CBD oils and tinctures provide a simple, quick, and accurate method of consuming cannabidiol. Most tinctures have CBD in alcoholic bases, while CBD soils have CBD extracts mixed with a carrier oil such as hemp seed and coconut oil. Zelm Lab’s oils and tinctures are consumable using droppers, thus allowing you to easily measure your intake. CBD is then quickly absorbed into your bloodstream when you take it sublingually.

Cannabinoid Vape Oils

You can vape CBD with a sophisticated pen which vaporizes oil. Our vape pens have been tested and are safe for your lungs, and the vape cartridges are state-licensed and regulated.


CBD can be infused in many types of food. It’s easy to ingest in this form, especially gummies, but it may take more than 30 minutes to feel the results. Our CBD gummies, mint, and other forms of edibles are FDA-regulated for adult-use.

Are you experiencing symptoms such as concentration difficulty, muscle tension, irritability, and sleep issues? CBD products from Zelm Lab can help, especially after consulting your doctor. Leaving anxiety untreated can cause health complications such as digestive problems.