Try CBD Lube this Valentine’s Day!

Take those intimate moments to the next level with Zelm Lab’s CBD lube this Valentine’s Day! Our CBD lube is a full-spectrum product made with natural ingredients that calm and stimulates your intimate areas. Choose from oil-based or water-based formulas. Tropical-flavored CBD lube is available as well.

How Can CBD Lube Enhance Intimacy?

Intimacy is enhanced when you’re relaxed and calm. Anxiety may decrease blood flow to your private areas, blood flow that is important for intimacy. CBD has a natural calming effect that may reduce anxiety and ensure that blood flow is ideal for these experiences.

Anxiety and depression may also decrease libido. CBD may reduce both anxiety and depression, potentially boosting libido and creating a more pleasant and enjoyable experience. CBD products may enhance your relaxation and make it easier to get in the mood and enjoy those personal moments.

Our CBD products may also decrease inflammation, dryness, and irritation to eliminate any pain. In addition to this, CBD lube may increase arousal and sensitivity to touch.

Why Choose Zelm Labs?

Zelm Labs is an online CBD retailer offering high-quality CBD products. Our products are carefully formulated by a team of experts and thoroughly tested before they ever hit the market. 

Sometimes, an intimate situation can be helped by using a natural aid that creates comfort and releases any stress and anxiety that may be getting in the way of your intimate moment. A little bit of CBD may ease tensions and build a fire in the bedroom. It’s not the only firestarter for Valentine’s. It can be used anytime!

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