What does “Broad Spectrum” CBD Products Mean?

A Growing Cannabis Products Market

There has been significant growth in the worldwide cannabis market. This growth can be attributed to the benefits that cannabis has been proven to confer, particularly in the health and wellness areas. It is projected that by 2024, the cannabis market will have leaped upwards to about $45 billion. Interestingly, these items have become increasingly popular. In particular, broad-spectrum CBD products have been embraced rapidly.

What does Broad Spectrum CBD Products Mean?

Broad Spectrum CBD is an amalgam between the two most common CBD product types. These being the full spectrum and the cannabidiol isolates. Full-spectrum CBD products are created from a complete profile extraction of all the beneficial components found in a cannabis plant. This is why the full-spectrum CBD is also referred to as the whole plant CBD. Isolates, on the other hand, refers to a CBD type or component that has been isolated from all the other compounds in a CBD plant. Broad-spectrum elements have some part of each of the two, but it does not contain any tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) -the component responsible for the high effect.

How are Broad Spectrum CBD Products made?

For high-quality, broad-spectrum CBD products such as those available at Zelm Lab, a CBD isolate is selected. Then, other essential and beneficial components and cannabinoids are then added. Examples of cannabinoids added to the isolate include terpenes and flavonoids. THC is excluded from this combination. Broad-spectrum CBD products can also be prepared through a process where THC is removed from a full-spectrum CBD extract.

Why You should use Broad-Spectrum Products

Broad Spectrum products contain all the benefits of full-spectrum and isolates but without the effects of THC. Broad-Spectrum products have also been shown to create a desirable relaxation and entourage effect. In some states, THC testing among employees is not uncommon. If you do not want any THC traces in your body, especially when anticipating a drug test, broad-spectrum items are preferable. If you are concerned about the impact of THC, then broad-spectrum products are your best choice. At Zelm Labs, we stock high-quality, broad-spectrum CBD products that confer invaluable benefits.

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