What is the Difference Between Topical and Edible CBD Products?

There’s no doubt about it. CBD products are sweeping society with solutions to daily living challenges, and many are finding out how beneficial they may be to their specific needs. CBD oils, CBD pain cream, CBD pet treats, and even CBD intimacy products are gaining popularity daily. Zelm Labs is dedicated to bringing the best of these products to our customers, backed by the highest quality customer service and support in the industry.

Types of Products

Generally, CBD products fall into two main categories, based on the way the CBD is consumed. One category is the topical application group, including CBD pain cream, lotions, skin care creams, roll-ons, and other surface-level solutions. The other type of CBD product is the edible kind, which includes oil drops, softgels, gummies, mints, and ingested others. Each type of CBD product has specific benefits or advantages.

Benefits of Topical Products: Such as CBD Pain Cream

Topically applied products have specific benefits to the user:

Direct Application

One of the best benefits of a topically applied product such as CBD pain cream is that you can apply it directly to the problem area. Since you manually rub in the lotion or cream, you can choose how much to use or how well it has been worked in.

Targeted Areas

Sometimes our aches and pains are very localized. Using a topical product like a lotion or pain cream, the user can be sure to apply to the precise location that needs the treatment. When the CBD product is rubbed into the targeted area, the user can be careful to reach precisely the area in need and assure good coverage each time.

Immediate Effect

One significant advantage of applying a topical cream or lotion is that the effects may be nearly instant. In many cases, relief may begin even while the product is being applied. Skincare applications’ deep cleaning and treatment also may work very quickly.

Improved Skin

Since the topical product is absorbed into the skin, many benefits like skin cleansing and moisturizing may be evident. The topical CBD product may also reduce swelling in the afflicted area, which may also help reduce aches and pain in the tissue and surrounding areas.

Easy to Estimate and Control Dosage

Applying the CBD lotion or CBD pain cream directly to the area makes it much easier to determine how much product is needed to achieve the desired results. The CBD product may provide a quick response, allowing the dosage to be reduced or limited to avoid waste.

Advantages to Edibles

Edible CBD products also have some specific benefits:

General Application

Since the edible version of CBD products is taken internally, it reaches the whole body. It affects all areas, allowing it to help catch problems that you can’t determine precisely where they exist. Letting the CBD spread throughout the entire person reaches all systems, including the muscle and joints, nervous system, brain, digestion system, and more, and may provide relief everywhere as needed.

Reach All Areas

Sometimes we experience difficulty classifying problems that we cannot directly access to apply a cream or lotion externally. CBD may reach deeper into the body and mind and help bring a soothing, relaxing effect that may reduce anxiety and stress levels, improving life overall. By ingesting an edible CBD product, the body may experience improved moods, lowered stress levels, and reduced anxiety.

Slow Release

Some CBD products are specifically designed to slow release over time, working to help keep the effects lasting longer. By experiencing a slow, steady stream of CBD effect, it may make it easier to deal with ongoing issues. Since CBD products may positively affect so many different problems, the slow release may provide a comfortable experience that will last the whole day.

Easy to Use

Edibles are effortless to consume during normal, day-to-day activities. A user can carry edibles easily in a pocket or bag and pop one or two as necessary at any time of the day or night. They are easy to ingest and enjoy no matter what you are doing. Many people carry them at all times, as the effects may help reduce the stress and pressure of life and help achieve a better quality of life.

Zelm Labs Offers Solutions

We offer a full line of all types of CBD products, including topicals such as CBD pain cream, CBD facial lotions, and other CBD skincare products. We also provide a wide variety of edible items like CBD oil drops, CBD gummies, breath mints, and CBD softgels. Whatever need you may have, we carry a CBD product that may help and provide just the relief you need. Discover how beneficial CBD products may be for you and how Zelm Labs can deliver the solutions you need, at the best price available, with excellent customer support.

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