Who is Zelm?

CBD products are increasing in popularity in recent years. With robust evidence showing that certified CBD products can help ease stress and anxiety, reduce inflammation, improve sleep quality, and much more, it’s no wonder everyone is looking for CBD products.

Zelm Labs is here to help!

Since day one, it has been our mission to find and sell the absolute purest CBD products on the market. We never cut corners!

Just like you, when we started in the industry, we had plenty of questions. What’s CBD? What does it do? What makes the right product? How much do I take?

Lucky for you, we’ve spent countless hours finding all of the right answers, and we’re committed to giving you the answers.

What’s our Goal?

  • Educate you on what certified CBD products are, how to use them, and how they can significantly improve your health
  • Provide you the most transparent information so you can be fully informed
  • Make the shopping experience a breeze.
  • Provide a massive variety of products to cater to your specific needs

With CBD products are becoming more popular, the market is becoming overrun with less than ideal outcomes. The problem for you, the consumer, is that it makes the process of getting CBD products utterly confusing.

Products on the market have been known not to deliver what they promise, use low-quality products, and have low potency. Some products have even been found to carry harmful heavy metals and or pesticides.

What can you expect from our certified CBD products at Zelm Labs?

  • The purest quality is possible. All of our products are made in a facility that has a GMP Certificate of Conformance for Hemp. We know that what you put in your body matters.
  • Correct potency so you don’t have to worry about the mislabelling of products.
  • The most up to date products based on science

Check out our entire Zelm Lab’s product line today!

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