Why you Should Give your Dog CBD Products

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When you experience a challenge with your health, this leads you into looking for specific options to help you get back to everyday well-being. For instance, when overwhelmed with stressful situations, you often look for stress relievers. Do you know that pets, including dogs, also go through such cases? That’s why we encourage you to shop for CBD products for your dog!

At Zelm Labs, we have certified CBD products that can help your dog remain sharp and focused. Below are the reasons why you should give your dog CBD:

Arthritis and joint pain

This is often common with aging dogs, just like it is with senior citizens. Arthritis and joint pain in dogs is primarily a result of inflammation. The chronic inflammation can be significantly lowered by certain compounds found in CBD. Therefore, these certified CBD products can be of great help to your dog in reducing joint pain and alleviating arthritis complications. These products can be obtained in the form of gel capsules that are easy to administer.

Epileptic seizures

Dogs can also be affected by epileptic seizures. Around 5 percent of dogs suffer from difficulties that are directly attributed to epileptic seizures. Recent researches show that CBD has successfully worked as a treatment option for dogs that suffer from epilepsy. CBD has been proven to lower the frequency of seizures, which can be a great option if your dog has a history of experiencing epileptic seizures.

Anxiety and stress

Similarly to humans, dogs can also suffer from anxiety, stress, and depression. Most dog owners have provided anecdotal evidence suggesting CBD helps relieve anxiety and stress in dogs by calming them down and making it easier for them to fall asleep.


CBD products can also be essential for your dog’s skincare if, from time to time, they experience itchy and dry skin. These products include dog shampoos and pet conditioners enable your dog to enjoy healthy skin at all time.

If you are a pet owner and are yet to start giving your dog CBD products, Zelm Labs has certified CBD products to enhance your best friend’s overall health. Your dog deserves your help in dealing with everyday challenges in life.

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