Zelm Offers a Variety of Certified CBD Products!

CBD Products: CBD Pain Cream, Edibles, Skin Care, Lubricant, and Pet Products

CBD products’ popularity continues to skyrocket, and Zelm is at the forefront, ready to provide the best quality products at the lowest prices. All our items are produced in an industry-established, state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, and every product is certified by a third-party lab for purity and potency. Our products are available in many forms and multiple potency levels to help match our customers’ specific needs. Check out these great CBD options, like CBD pain cream, and see how CBD may just be the answer you are looking for!

Oil Drops

CBD oil drops are one of the most popular methods of enjoying CBD. A few drops under the tongue are quick and easy to apply and can get the potential benefits of CBD into your system very efficiently. Our oil drops are available in original, natural flavor or peppermint, lemonade, or orange cream versions. Each option is available in various source and potency variations. Full-spectrum versions are the most powerful, including compounds that enhance the CBD experience, while Isolate is a completely THC-free version for users who prefer that option.

CBD Pain Cream

One of the most significant benefits of CBD is that it may provide effective pain relief. Products such as CBD pain cream may be able to get into muscles, joints, wounds, or other damaged tissue to potentially provide natural pain reduction. Our CBD muscle pain cream is a full-spectrum formula blended with a cooling mix of peppermint and menthol to provide a smooth, thick CBD pain cream that absorbs deep into the affected tissue. CBD pain cream may also work into the sore, afflicted area to reduce swelling and inflammation, reducing pain even further.


For consumable, portable options, nothing beats the edible versions of our CBD products. One of the most popular edible options in the CBD market is our CBD gummies. Our gummies are full-spectrum and 100% vegan, including blueberry, strawberry, or mixed berry flavors. CBD Gummies are available in three versions. The standard version is our regular CBD formula in a chewable, easy-to-use design. The focus version includes a mix of unique herbal solutions that may increase energy and mental awareness. The sleep version adds Chamomile and Melatonin that may help to inspire a more restful night of sleep. CBD mints are available for those on the go as an easy-to-use option. The mints are available in two different potency levels so users can select their favorite.

Skin Care

The health and wellness industry is vast, and skincare is one of the biggest concerns today. There are so many contaminants in our atmosphere and environment today that taking care of our skin has become a primary issue. Fortunately, CBD products are ideal for this purpose and may provide optimal cleansing and moisturizing. Our hydrating facial cleanser is a popular full-spectrum cream with a pleasant sweet orange fragrance. The vegan face cream includes antioxidants and natural oils to brighten and soften the skin. CBD face oil is a high potency isolate formula to restore and hydrate even sensitive facial areas.


CBD products are reported to improve many areas of living in our advancing society potentially, and intimate experiences are no exception. Traditionally, lubricants are used for situations where intimacy includes dryness or irritation to help provide better contact and stimulation. By incorporating CBD into the lubricant, there can be numerous benefits. The calming, soothing effect may increase sensitivity to intimate areas, improving both parties’ overall experience. CBD may also provide a soothing, relaxing effect, reducing anxiety and distractions that can take away from the intimate encounter. Overall, CBD may be just the enhancement everyone is looking for in their intimacy.

Pet Products

Our four-legged family members can potentially enjoy the benefits of CBD too! When fur-babies experience any anxiety from separation during kenneling, winter blues, or other occasions, a CBD treat may be just the solution. Soreness or arthritis in some of our pets can also bring about pain and suffering, and CBD may provide relief to them daily for better, fuller lives.

The Zelm Difference

The Zelm CBD team was created to bring the very best, highest quality products to the consumer who finds CBD to be a solution for life’s various challenges. Our CBD products are certified by a third-party lab for purity and accuracy, and every item is carefully selected for the many benefits it may bring to the user. You can trust the Zelm brand. Check out our selection of products, and place your order today. We’re here to help you.

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